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Music Distribution Email

What You Should Write In A Music Distribution Email

Did you read our last post about how to write a Hip Hop press release? If not, you might want to check it and then come back here so you get the full picture of where we’re going. Having a professional, well written press release is incredibly important. However, first impressions count and with most music sites, blogs and industry professionals receiving hundreds of submissions a day, you need to make sure that you STEAL the attention of the recipient and do enough to encourage a click through to open your press release. This is where your music distribution email comes into play. It’s equally as vital to produce a well considered opening email as it is to have a professional press release. They go hand in hand, so make sure you are considering the whole process before pressing SEND on anything.

Music Distribution – The Format

Music distribution can mean anything from sending one, personable email to a high profile industry professional, to a more generic email distribution to say, a few hundred industry bloggers. The content and principals of a high quality music distribution email does not change, but the tone of the email may vary dependant on who you are contacting. Email blasts are something entirely different, we’ll get to those shortly.

The generic format of a music distribution email should look something like the following:

[Subject Field]

You don’t have to try and be clever. You don’t have to be Hip Hop’s best salesman. All you need to do is to be CLEAR. Answer yourself a couple of questions. What is inside the email? What do you want as a result of the email? Summise these two questions in the subject field and not only will it set the tone for the email, it will instantly give the recipient an understanding of EXACTLY you want.

So with this in mind, your subject field might look something like the following:

[Artist name] releases [Name of Project] – [Statement of intent e.g ‘For Features and Interviews’].

Avoid excessive capitalisation or ridiculous statements such as ‘LISTEN TO THE BEST RAPPER IN THE WORLD’. It’s something that will get your email instantly trashed.

[Opening Statement]

This should essentially be an extension of your subject field. Use around two sentences to describe why your emailing, what’s in the email and what you want out of the email. Make sure you include key details such as the artist name, name of the project and release date of the project. Put a link in straight away to where your project can be found.

Avoid information overload, keep it short and sweet. Think about just how many emails some music sites or label owners get each day. It’s about making things as simple as possible for the person receiving the email. Give them the KEY DETAILS at this stage.


This is where you really hit home with whatever is UNIQUE or FRESH about your project. Use 6 to 12 sentences and in this space describe a little more about the artist. Here you should feel comfortable in emphasising anything significant about your project. You might want put details about previous projects, where the artist is from, a little about how they reached this point, information about other artists or producers they’ve worked with. Use bold and italics and possibly experiment with colours to really highlight anything you want to put across. If the artist has won any competitions, has recently featured on a major TV or radio show or is affiliated with any other well known labels or professionals, this is all worthy of being noted in this section. Name-dropping in this instance is a good thing, providing it’s honest, as it gives a quick indication of the level you’re working at and the potential style of your music. They’ll WANT to hear more.

[Closing Statement]

This part is simple. BE HUMBLE. Just use a sentence to thank someone for their time and let them you value their feedback or opinions.

[Contact Details / File Attachments / Links]

Include links to where your project can be downloaded or streamed.

Here you should list full contact details for yourself (if self promoting) or for your PR/management or record label. Make it clear exactly who should be contacted and for which purpose (e.g bookings, interviews).

Include links to social media profiles which are in use. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube should all feature at this point.

Music Distribution – Other Considerationsemail blasting service

Ok, so back to email blasts. You would have seen loads of music ‘promotion’ companies offering the opportunity to email your music to ‘hundreds of thousands of music sites worldwide’. Quite simply, 99% of these are bullshit and a complete waste of your money. Not only are those figures always massively inflated (think more a few thousand), but should an email with your music actually reach someone of any influence (which is unlikely as the majority of emails hit dead emails or unrelated sites), it’s likely to hit their junk filter, or be deleted immediately by them because it LOOKS like spam. Mass email marketing and email blasting are completely different. Come speak to us if you want the more professional of the two.

A lot of bloggers or smaller music sites still have their email set to Hotmail accounts. A lot of these will also have Microsoft Silverlight installed. To take advantage of this, always include FULL Youtube links in your emails. This is then picked up by Silverlight and the receipient can open up your latest Youtube video without leaving the page. This is a GREAT opportunity and very simple to get right.

Going back to TONE, it’s important to tweak emails based on who you’re sending them too. You might be able to treat a local blogger a little differently than you’d treat HipHop DX. Consider the calibre and influence of the person you’re reaching out to. With those bigger influencers, you might only ever get one opportunity, so make you don’t go in all guns blazing without careful consideration.

Lastly, don’t CC everyone in on a mass email! This is a rookie mistake and having it out in the open is almost disrespectful to everyone in on the email. People like their business, to be their business. Make sure if you’re distributing to a small selection of people (say 50 – 100) that you set the ‘To’ box to YOUR email address and then BCC everyone else in.

Right, that’s about IT. There’s a lot to cover but when you break it down like we have above, you’ll soon find a winning forumla that suits you and that suits bloggers, site owners and industry professionals. Give yourself the BEST chance and you’ll have no regrets.

Hip Hop Music Press Release

How To Write A Hip Hop Music Press Release

We understand why artists, labels and managers have a kind of love/hate relationship with music press releases. When all the mixing and mastering is done and you’re ready to promote months of hard work, sitting down and producing a press release which accurately reflects the work, effort and thought behind the music and artist is pretty difficult. It’s the start of the business end of music, and sometimes this doesn’t sit well with those who idealistically feel that the music should organically promote itself.

We want change the way in which Hip Hop artists, labels and organisations feel about writing press releases for music. Press releases don’t have to be 500 word adjective-fuelled pleas of desperation in order to get your music heard. In fact, those are the kind of press releases that we STOP reading after the first few sentences. A&R professionals, journalists and label executives hate them too, because they don’t provide an accurate description of artist and they can’t a feel for an artist’s direction or what it is that’s fresh about them.

There’s the potential for it to be distributed all across the world, so it’s important to get it RIGHT. Write it to make an impression, not just because you feel it’s something you have to do.

Format Of A Hip Hop Music Press ReleasePress On

Firstly the format of a news related press release and a music press release are roughly the same, but the content is completely different. A music press release may not be considered ‘news worthy’ and thus can be written in a more informal, personable style and distributed on an individual basis or collectively to specific contacts. A news related press release takes a more formal approach and can be distributed across a multitude of press release networks.

The format of a press release should follow this structure:

  • Title or Headline (Approx 10 words);
  • Opening statement or summary (Two to three sentences, or approx 40 words);
  • Main content (300 words minimum);
  • About section (A description of the company or label);
  • Keywords or tags (Used for online distribution centres, minimum of three keywords);
  • Contact details (Name, telephone number, address, email, social media links).

The format above pretty much covers everything that should be included in a press release that’s distributed both on and offline.

Other Things To Remember

Okay, so if you’re a Hip Hop clothing site or music store and you’re distributing a standard press release to promote your business, it’s important to make it news worthy. If it’s not, it’ll be a complete waste of time and the success rate of it getting re-published will be pretty low.

When writing a news article press release, always keep content written in a third person style. Rather than using terms such as ‘we’ or ‘I’, you should use the full company name. A really simple way of producing content for a standard press release is to think of how it would sound if a news reader were reading it out aloud. You can be clever and to an extent loose in how you make the press release news worthy. Ask yourself these questions:

How has my business helped someone?

What is my business doing that’s unique to this industry?

What has my business discovered that nobody else knows about?

If you can answer any of the questions above, you can probably work it into a news worthy press release.

Headline Title Capitlisation ExampleThe title of the press release is arguably the most important part. It’s the equivalent of the first few seconds of an instrumental or the headline of a newspaper article. It takes literally a second or so to decide whether or not you’re committed to reading on. Keep the title on point and creative. Don’t try and be too clever or it might come across as too cryptic to the reader and they will lose interest. Remember, to capitalise every letter of each word in the title.

The MOST important thing to remember when producing a music press release is that it should reflect your style, mentality of ethos. Think of yourself as a business. Remember to include words and phrases which your audience and intended recipients will understand and that you feel a natural association with.

Don’t over-sell yourself. Whether you think you are the world’s best or hottest new rapper or singer does not matter one bit.  Emphasise your story. Where are you from? What are you changing? What have you done to get to this point? What are you contributing that’s new to Hip Hop? People want to read your story, not your sales letter.

Lastly, it might be that you don’t have time or you really struggle in putting together the content for a press release. That’s where we come in. Contact us if you’re interested our custom press release writing services.

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