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We liken social media to the online equivalent of hooking some ones and twos up to a lampost and jamming in the court with your crew. Well, kinda.

What we’re saying is that, we have fun with it. We use social media to find like minded souls and build communities which matter.

If you’re an artist, we use social media to extend the reach of your music to relevant peers, professionals and your existing fan base.

If you’re an event or other organisation, we can use our expertise to give you unrivalled competitor, product or industry insights and work that into a strategic digital marketing campaign.

To break it down, our social media promotion services include:

– Promotion to┬árelevant groups, users and online communities

– Social media advertising

– Competitor analysis and insight

– Relationship building


Need a little help getting things moving? Then check out our social media management services.

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