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We appreciate that you're ready to spend your hard earned money with us. As every artist or project is different, we provide unique quotes on a project by project basis. We're looking to introduce some new tiered packages for artists and brands shortly.
So here's the deal. We get sent hundreds of videos, singles and mixtapes each week. We try our very best to get through as many of them as possible. We feel we'd be doing a disservice to this industry if we posted everything that's sent to us. So we only feature music which we feel offers something fresh to this culture we love. If we don't feature your music, don't take it to heart. There's still a chance we might feature your future releases, so keep in contact with us. What we do offer is a $1.00 priority listening service. In exchange for $1.00 we promise to listen to your music and respond to your email within 24 hours. However we still don't guarantee that we'll feature you on the site. To take advantage of this service, send a $1.00 payment to scott@whenthebeatdrops.com via Paypal and start your email subject line with $1.00 priority.
We prefer streams and embeds, so anything like Soundcloud and YouTube is great and it means that we can more easily share your music via our site. Links are good. Avoid sending us links to your Reverbnation page if possible, the site is just too damn slow. Failing that, mp3s are cool, but please zip them up before you fire them over.  
Unfortunately not. However there are some exceptions where we will contact you back if we feel there's something worth discussing.
No sir. Many of our services are applicable to brands or organisations in hip-hop such as record companies, clothing lines and events.
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