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Social Media Promotion

Social media to us is like one big jam in the park (thanks @DjKoolHerc). Click through to find out how we can spread word on your music, service or event.

Social Media Management

Spend more time on your beats, rhymes and life and let us handle the day to day management of your social media activity.

Radio Promotion

From Chief Rocker to Mr Calloway, the DJ has always been the person who can make you hot overnight. Time to get live and direct.


We target and contact key websites, organisations and professionals to increase exposure for your project. Become represented by a company who loves this culture.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It's time to get your geek on with us. We can increase the visibility of your website in Google for related user search queries.

Community Building

We help build online relationships for you that last. Grow your online family and start connecting with the people who really give a shit about you.

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